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     - How It All Started

    For more than a decade, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc. has been committed to a promotional program with hot air balloons. Although RE/MAX still promotes its corporate identity with the same traditional values that many other companies do such as TV, print, radio and billboards, they discovered many years ago the value of institutional advertising in the form of hot air balloons. In fact the response was so overwhelming, that the entire corporate identity today is based on hot air balloons. Their logo is not only the name, but the word RE/MAX and the balloon together are the trademark of the fastest growing and most successful Realtor in Canada. Worldwide, RE/MAX operates the largest fleet of these floating billboards. In North America currently there are about 90 RE/MAX balloons engaged in promotional programs. The direct benefits derived from such an overwhelming program is easily measurable but the objectives reach further than just selling houses. RE/MAX has a responsibility to the communities and families that live in them! This might include tethering the balloon at community fairs, exhibitions and events throughout the season. RE/MAX provides these services as a means of reinvesting in the community. RE/MAX also donates flights in the form of a certificate in order to assist in fundraising efforts towards charities. RE/MAX continues to work with the Children’s Miracle Network.

      As a note of interest, what many people do not know is that the Chairman and Founder of RE/MAX, Dave Liniger, a commercial and hot air balloon pilot license. In 1999 he was instrumental in the set up of the attempt to be the first balloon to circumnavigate

      The magnitude of RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc.’s balloon program is evident, as an excess of 600 flights per year are completed in this region. These flights are flown by 3 balloon teams. Based in Toronto, Cross Canada Balloons services all of Ontario with the exception of the eastern part of Ontario and Atlantic Canada. To complete these 600 plus flights, the 3 teams will travel in excess of 150,000 kilometers per year. They will visit almost every office from Halifax to Kenora and Dryden, each and every year.


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