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    An event with thousands in attendance. All members of your target market. Everyone is a potential customer and you need to stand out. You wonder if your company's presence will be remembered. Have you done something that sets you apart from the competition?

    A murmur goes through the crowd; suddenly excitement is in the air. The hot air balloon team has arrived. Excitedly people begin to move toward the launch site. You approach and see the team already has the balloon cold inflated. Then the pilot fires the burners and the crowd responds with glee. The media is on hand, capturing everything for the evening news. Slowly and elegantly your company logo, 35 feet wide and 20 feet tall, rises 60 feet above the awe struck crowd. You've made the right decision; your marketing plan includes a corporate hot air balloon.


    Commercial hot air balloons have more impact and are more dynamic than any other marketing tool available. And unequaled flexibility means options can be coordinated for almost any budget.

    For over 14 years Cross Canada Balloons has provided the professional management experience necessary for many successful corporate balloon programs. Let us provide you with ideas and information about implementing your own complete corporate program. Contact us to find out how easy it is to fit a hot air balloon into your marketing budget.

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