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    Companies that want to make their product larger than life should consider a special shape balloon.

    One of the most useful tools in any marketer's arsenal is cooperative advertising. The cost of this giant shopping bag was shared by several national brands.


    If your imagination can come up with an idea for a special shape chances are it can be made. "Shamu" is a great example of what is possible.


    For the ultimate brand awareness campaign ask us about a product replica special shape. This Brut bottle put the cologne top of mind for many consumers when they got to the point-of-purchase.

     Promotional tours and product launches will reach a new height when you incorporate a special shape hot air balloon. This Miller Lite Can incorporates spectacular graphics with distinctive shape and was used to promote a new look for the product.


    Appendage balloons are a grrrreat! way to achieve the effect of a special shape while keeping production costs low. For example Tony's ears and face are made from additional frabic attached to a standard shape hot air balloon.

    How Could I Use A Corporate Balloon

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